OneLearning | One Solution

Supporting the Development of competent clinicians. With OneLearning you can create your own or Adopt shared e-learning units created by other OneVault member organisations. Links to other web site learning and connect to staff "Required Learning" lists Attach videos, quizzes and other supportive learning tools Assign OneLearning units and practical learning to target groups you manage Easily manage staff training compliance with OneLearning dashboards that allow managers to track, approve and report learning compliance in real-time. Staff can complete learning anytime and certificates are auto uploaded. OneLearning and OneCPD are integrated making it even easier for OneCPD subscribers to manage their professional portfolio. OneLearning is linked to OneGuide, OneQuality, OneRisk, and OneAudit. Work done in one can be linked to another. There is so much more to know about OneLearning. Contact us: