Accreditation | Certification

OneVault manages healthcare compliance by demonstrating your organisation's adherence to standards, laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to its healthcare sector.

Healthcare Sectors

OneVault is fully customisable and can be tailored to manage all healthcare accreditation | certification including:

  • National Safety & Quality in Healthcare Standards
  • Mental Health Accreditation
  • Aged Care Accreditation
  • Australian Standards for Dental Practitioner Programs
  • International Healthcare Standards
  • Practice Accreditation RACGP Standards
  • EQUIP National Standards
  • CQC Inspections
  • DIAS Practice Accreditation Standards
  • And more

Reduce Risk

OneVault supports organisations to reduce their risk of violations and non compliance.

Save Time with OneVault Templates

OneVault has a number of compliance, audit and other documents ready for adoption and edit to suit your organisation.

Compliance Reporting

OneVault collates data from across the system to demonstrate compliance. All reports are in real time and can be tailored as necessary. Provide regulators view only system access to gain feedback and fix problems prior to onsite survey.

Customisable Settings

Customise your lists and selections to collect data against your relevant healthcare sector standards.

Accreditation | Certification Consultants

OneVault ensures your settings are optimised to support your business however, if you require on-site consulting services, we can suggest several independent consultants who can support your organisation with accreditation | certification and compliance services.