Why choose OneVault?

Why choose OneVault?

Poor governance costs millions

Poor governance costs MILLIONS in...

Keeping it simple

Customise your settings and add your staff

Customise your settings and add your staff.

Customise your settings and add your staff

Create, adopt, upload documents.

Customise your settings and add your staff

Track, report and manage governance... minus the pain!

Lots of great features and benefits

Create Effective Documents

Our user friendly templates follow normal workplace process and help staff without formal training to produce high quality, standardised work.

Collaborate with Key Stakeholders

Invite others to collaborate with you on documents in real time. Eliminate the confusion of multiple versions and the back and forth email traffic by working on one version together.

Add Videos PDFs, Links and Associations

Enhance user understanding and compliance with policies and procedures by adding PDF’s, images and videos. Then build the bigger picture by linking to other OneVault documents of the same topic.

Create Share Networks

Create your own network of organisations to share documents with. Add secondary sites, sister companies and collaborative entities. You decide who to share with, and which documents to share, and you can add and remove organisations anytime.

Search & Adopt

Save valuable time and resources by searching your Share Network to adopt and edit work already done. All adopted documents are automatically acknowledged with the author organisation and can be edited as necessary to suit your needs.

Governance Status

Eliminate conjecture by instantly creating real time reports tailored to your needs. Unproductive hours pulling evidence together is replaced by transparent, reliable reporting. Report by topic, governance area, organisational level, user, or any combination of these.

Engage with Staff

Post important information to staff using OneBroadcast and gain their feedback in real time. Post new policies, guidelines, audits, learning units, quality initiatives, general news, important operational information and alerts. Post directly from applications and set Broadcasts to run between date ranges.

Regulatory Compliance

Whether it’s called Accreditation, Certification, Inspections or something else, OneVault can help. Allow Regulatory bodies short term read only access to governance documentation or run any mix of reports to evidence compliance. Gain regulatory feedback to fix issues and close gaps prior to formal review.

Version Control

OneVault document control ensures safe, consistent and reliable file access. Staff collaborate on one document together and users only access the latest active version.

Action Plans

Create automated action plans from within system. Assign staff to complete individual work actions and track their progress in real time.

Meeting Friendly

OneVault is specifically designed to operate live "in meetings." Record actions and notes in real time. Increase efficiency and eliminate the need for intensive minute taking and additional documents.

Fully integrated and customisable

OneVault fully integrates compliance, risk, learning, audit, quality and broadcast applications or works independently if required. Define your own lists and drop down selections. Customisable settings supports organisations to create meaningful and relevant systems.

Work on the go

Access your work anytime, from any internet connected device of your choice: smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Flavour Text

Tabulated templates and flavour text help guide authors to produce high quality, standardised documents. Your staff can confidently work on documents without the need for intensive governance training.