Build a strong Patient Safety Culture!

It's world Patient Safety Day and every healthcare provider has the opportunity and responsibility to build a #patientsafetyculture.  This has been our mission at OneVault and here we share a few ideas you can focus on and implement to improve your patient safety culture today.


Good Systems of Governance

First and foremost, good systems of governance are THE foundation for driving a culture of patient safety. Having accessible procedures, guidelines and training to support staff. The ability to easily collect, analyse and respond to incidents, feedback and clinical data. Undertaking practice improvement projects based on best practice methodology and driven by your own clinical data, and partnering and communicating with consumers and staff are all foundation elements every organisation should prioritise.


Leadership is Everything

Open and transparent leadership at every level of the organisation is crucial. If your staff feel the leadership team are open and transparent in their management they will feel safe to raise patient safety concerns. Have a Clinical Governance Framework that talks to your patient safety commitment, and don't hide it away in a document somewhere. Share your patient safety commitment openly so everyone who connects with your organisation gets the clear message that patient safety first aren't just a buzz words.


Encourage Reporting of Incidents and Near Miss Events

Reporting incidents and near miss events is critical to improving patient safety. Each report presents the opportunity to analyse the incident and determine the root cause and contributing factors and the opportunity to make practice improvements that could prevent future patient incidents and harm.


Sharing the lessons Learned Prevents Future Incidents

There’s little point in analysing incidents if you aren’t communicating the lessons learned. Wherever possible, share what happened and lessons learned far and wide. This is an integral step in delivering safer care and preventing future incidents. #Tip – add lessons learned to you’re the agenda of staff meetings so you never miss an opportunity. 


Make Feedback Easy and Treasure it

Feedback around your service will provide valuable insight and the opportunity to improve. Feedback includes positive and negative experience and opinions as well as suggestions. You'll learn straight from the source, what you do well and what you could do to improve. Accept it gratefully, treasure it and most importantly, act on it!


Improving From the Bottom Up

Your frontline clinical staff are the best patient safety thermometer around. Not only can they express first hand what your current patient safety culture is like on the frontlines, but they usually have the most fruitful ideas for improving it. Listen wisely.


 Learn From Others Mistakes

Each year there are many reviews on healthcare system failures right across the globe. Reviewing and implementing the recommendations from these go a long way to preventing the same problems being repeated. The Mid Staffordshire Report is a great starting point.



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New patient consent guidelines

Obtaining valid and timely informed consent is a legal, ethical and professional requirement of all treating health professionals.  The principals and practice of obtaining informed consent supports person-centred care and clinicians in carrying out their duties.

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care has released new guidance for clinicians on obtaining valid informed consent.  We encourage our customers and their networks to read the new guidance which can be accessed at the ACSQHC website on this link

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Clinical Incident Manager now available!

I am happy to announce that the newest module to the OneVault platform, Clinical Indicator Manager is now available. 


Clinical Indicator manager captures clinical data and graphically displays performance. The module also includes the new and improved action format we think you will all love. 


As part of our ongoing client support for COVID 19, we are offering Clinical Indicator Manager free for 3 months. 


From next Wednesday 15 July 2020, just click Create on the Quality landing page to find your indictor template.  As a default, we have entered the ACHS Hospital wide indicators to start you off. To learn more about Clinical Indicator Manager and how to add your own indicator sets, check out the videos found on the Help page.  As you all know we are addicted to feedback so let us know what you think. 

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New Guidelines  have been introduced by Department of Health about how to prevent spread of outbreaks in residential care. These guidelines were released on 13 March and have been developed by the Communicable Diseases Network Australia. This information is part of a series and includes COVID 19 resources for healthcare professionals. 

These resources can be directly uploaded and linked into your OneVault procedures and the Media tab can be used to add supporting video. Dont forget that mandatory training for infection prevention and outbreak managment can be either created in OneLearnng using these resources or existing training from reputable sources can be linked using the External Learning module. You can then easily track training rates. 

Contact us if you would like to hear more about how OneVault can help you manage COVID 19. We are here to help. 


All the best 



Bonnie Coleman 

OneVault Co-Founder  

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The team at OneVault would like to say a big thankyou to healthcare organisations everywhere as they continue to feel the brunt of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

OneVault was built to get important information to your staff quickly and efficiently. 

Here are 2 important suggestions on how OneVault can be used to help during this stressful time. 

1. Add video to your COVID19 Infection Prevention and Control procedures using the Media tab.  There is a huge range from the Australian Government and WHO Youtube channels. Video instruction is quick, effective, precise and readily understood. Here is the link to the WHO Youtube channel and  a couple of example videos.

WHO COVID 19  Youtube information videos  - WHO Youtube channel

How to protect yourself against COVID 19

Corona Virus, 7 steps to prevent the spread

Australian Government IPC videos - Infection prevention and control measures 

Other suggestions 

Public Health England Donning PPE   Removing PPE

Centre of Disease Control (CDC) Youtube Channel

 2. Utilise the OneLearning External training template to make the  most of courses offerend by reputables sources. See  links above or another option is the the World Health Organisation training courses in Infection Prevention and Control for COVID 19. This course is available in a huge range of languages so if you have staff where English if a second language, you can send out several courses in different languages to ensure everyone understands fully what they need to do. 



If you are new to OneVault, please contact us. We would love to help lessen the burden. 

Our support team are ready to help our fabulous OneVault Administrators  - email us on


All the best and stay safe



Bonnie Coleman

Co-Founder OneVault 



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