Preparing for the New Aged Care Accreditation

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The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency is currently providing an opportunity for the public to view the Aged Care Quality Standards and provide feedback on the proposed guidance material. More information about this can be found in the latest edition of the Quality Standard Newsletter

Meanwhile, the Quality Agency continues to pilot the new Aged Care Quality Standards in anticipation of the Standards being legislated from July 2018. After this time, aged care providers will have 12 months as a transisiton period before assessment under the new Standards. The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency is encouraging aged care providers to use this time to ensure their governance systems are robust in meeting the requirements of the new Standards and unannounced accreditation audit. So where do aged care providers start?

At OneVault, we advise providers to start with a honest look at where the organisation is now and what needs to be done to achieve compliance against the standards. A gap analysis will give you direction. Next, review or develop your clinical governance framework as the platform from which your clincial governance system is built. From here, review both corporate and clinical policies followed by all procedures. Ensure your systems of document managment including version control, endorsement and access are addressed. These actions will give providers a good starting point. As accreditation will be unannounced, look to how the organisation will be able to provide evidnece with no notice. If you are reading this and thinking your organisation could use some professional help, contact us for a chat about how we can work with you to get your system working efficiently, save you time and money and get your oganisation accredited. 


The OneVault team 

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The Manual Handling Revolution

Are you a health professional who is required to navigate the maze of manual handling? Then the Manual Handling Revolution will unlock how you can start to keep care givers injury free when assisting people with disabilities.

You will discover
  • how to objectively evaluate equipment options to find the best solution to a problem
  • how to get the best out of equipment solutions you already use to eliminate manual handling
  • how to achieve a win win outcome for the person with disabilities and their caregivers
  • a method for you to feel confident as a professional in the solutions you recommend
  • a systematic framework for understanding the manual handling assessment process

For more information go to Risk Managed or OneVault

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User Guide to ATSI Health

Version 2 of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards has a strong focus on the safety of Aboriginial and Torres Strait Islander people. To support organisations in understanding new ATSI specific actions in V2 of the NSQHS Standards, the Austalian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care in collaboration with Wardliparingga Aboriginal Research Unit of the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Reference Panel and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Project Working Group have developed the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards User Guide for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.

The Guide and more information about the V2 National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards can be found on the ACSQHS website 

User Guide to ATSI Health

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Unannounced Visits Statement by AACQA

It will be a big year for Aged Care organisations in 2018

Since the announcement by Minister Ken Wyatt on October 25 2017, there has been some confusion expressed by our clients about what spot audits means given there are unannounced visits that are currently part of the accreditation processes. 

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency has a brief explanation of this on their website. 

"The current re-accreditation audit program based on existing arrangements of notified site audits will be replaced by audits without notice to providers"

 The introduction of unannounced visits, implementation of the new Single Aged Care Standards and the probable introduction of other recommendations from the Review National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processs will prove very challenging for many Aged Care organisations.

 To read more follow the links below.

The announcement of unannounced audits followed formal release by Minister Wyatt of the Carnell Paterson Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes

Minister WyattStatement Unannounced Visits 

The Government is considering the Review’s recommendations in the context of broader aged care reform. Review National Aged Care Regulatory Processes


Moving to unannounced visits AACQA

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New Levy for Unannounced Site Visits

Aged care organisations may be interested in viewing the Draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement. Public Consultation is now complete and final changes are being made.

There is a proposed a new levy, payable by approved providers of residential aged care services, for the cost of the annual unannounced site visit conducted by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. This levy will be in effect from1 July 2018. 

Cost Recovery Implementation Statement

Currently, the Department of Health is preparing legislation to support the introduction of the levy. 


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