The Manual Handling Revolution

Are you a health professional who is required to navigate the maze of manual handling? Then the Manual Handling Revolution will unlock how you can start to keep care givers injury free when assisting people with disabilities.

You will discover
  • how to objectively evaluate equipment options to find the best solution to a problem
  • how to get the best out of equipment solutions you already use to eliminate manual handling
  • how to achieve a win win outcome for the person with disabilities and their caregivers
  • a method for you to feel confident as a professional in the solutions you recommend
  • a systematic framework for understanding the manual handling assessment process

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NDIS Quality and Safeguards .... what lies ahead?

We have received many questions from our clients about the Quality & Safeguards for NDIS.


At the moment, while the NDIS is in transition, the Quality and Safeguard requirements are under the jurisdiction of each State. Victoria, NSW and Queensland in particular have very robust requirements in place.


The intention is for there to be a single National Quality and Safeguards Framework under which NDIS providers must demonstrate compliance. This will be put into effect following the transition period. The National Quality and Safeguards Framework has been written in preparation for this and we advise our clients to read this document and put in place systems in line with these requirements now.


It is likely that review and accreditation processes to validate compliance to the National Quality and Safeguards Framework will be implemented adopting similar processes as is currently being used across Victoria, NSW and Qld. So our advice is to read what other States have in place to give you a broad idea of what the expectations are or will be and to prepare by establishing a good quality management system. 

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Navigating your way through NDIS compliance - Your Quality System Checklist

If you're in the business of providing NDIS services, we have lots of simple resources to help you navigate your way through the NDIS Quality and Safeguards.

Our NDIS Quality Checklist is a guiding list of the quality systems and processes you'll need in place to achieve and maintain compliance against the NDIS.

When we're not writing tools to share, we can be found helping NDIS, ageing and healthcare providers reduce their governance and certification burden by 80%. If you need further assistance, check out other posts around NDIS, ageing and healthcare regulatory compliance or contact us at We're here to help!

NDIS Quality Checks

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OneVault Instrumental in Achieving ISO9001 Certification

Congratulations to our client GovernancePlus for achieving certification under the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015.

“The use of OneVault was instrumental in achieving this outcome. It is an excellent system to meet the requirements for a best practice quality management system”

GovernancePlus is a consulting business providing quality and risk management services and education to health services, NGOs and NDIS services.  

“OneVault was an excellent choice and enables the efficient and effective management of all governance requirements”

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Aged Care Un-announced Accreditation Ready?

Is your healthcare organisation nearing accreditation?  

Do you know your areas of risk and possible non compliance?

Becoming a OneVault member organisation gives you access to self assessment audits for all healthcare sectors. Quickly and efficiently determine your current status and identify areas of non compliance.  Create Action Plans to manage non compliance issues and keep your evidence in one safe place.

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