Clinical governance and accreditation management software solutions

OneVault replaces multiple paper-based, digital, and siloed systems with a single integrated cloud-based platform, dedicated to healthcare.

Clinical Governance - Patient Safety and Quality - Accreditation Management Software Platform.

About OneVault

Clinical Governance - Patient Safety & Quality - Accreditation Management Solutions

More accurate governance

Improve your governance with increased transparency, better quality of data and real-time reporting.

Reduce risk

Inaccurate reporting and delayed data can result in decisions that are grounded in risky assumptions & guesswork. OneVault removes that.

Greater transparency

OneVault's single source of truth guarantees greater transparency across your clinical governance and accreditation systems.

Real-time reporting

OneVault's real-time macro and micro reporting makes you less susceptible to making errors due to out-of-date information.

Goodbye to spreadsheets

Because of OneVault, you no longer have to wrestle spreadsheets and spend time time chasing reports.

No more paper-based systems

Replace the juggling of multiple paper-based and digital systems with real-time, cloud-based clinical governance management.

Click of a button reporting

Click of a button reports for accreditation standards, criterion, departments, risk ratings, actions and more.

Automated action plans

Automated action plans attached to modules, keeping everyone on track and with alerts and notifications, no action is ever missed or forgotten.

More time improving outcomes

Because of OneVault, you can spend more time at the bedside, training juniors, and improving patient outcomes.

Accreditation reporting in minutes, not months

OneVault accreditation reporting against any number, mix and type of standards can literally be done in minutes, giving you your day back.

Increased accessibility

Access your work, data and reporting on the go with cloud-based technology.

Support when you need it

OneVault support team at the ready to support your Administrators whenever the need arises.

We save over $4,000,000 per year in clinical governance costs.

A modular system

OneVault is a flexible modular system that allows you to customise a solution that's bespoke to your organisation.

Operational Modules

Document Manager

Consolidated document management.


Build register to track key information with alerts and notifications.

News Portal

Quick and simple distribution of important information.

Audit & Survey Manager

Accurately manage and rapidly respond to audits & surveys.

Quality Indicators

Increase the precision of your QI data to drive improvement.

Mortality Register

Review & respond to morbidity and mortality events.

Risk Manager

Monitor clinical and corporate risk in real-time.

Incident Manager

Easier incident prevention & real-time incident management.

Feedback Manager

Drive continuous improvement based on real-time data.

Training Manager

Close knowledge gaps with real time training and compliance tracking.

Credentialing Manager

Manage staff credentialing and Scope of Practice with reports, alerts and notifications.

CPD Manager

Manage all aspects of your "Continuing Professional Development" with ease.


Gap Analysis and Planning tool keeping everyone on task.

QI Project Manager

Bridge all gaps with proactive QI management.

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Reporting Modules

Report Boards

Real-time data in customisable dashboards for better executive decisions.

Accreditation Reporting

Respond to accreditation audits in the click of a button.

Global Reporting

Bespoke reporting from any angle of your business.

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5 Steps to success


Arrange a demo

Arrange a demo to get up close and personal with the modules and functionality relevant to your needs.

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Identify your standards

Identify your mandatory Accreditation Standards and any other standards you want to achieve.


Select your modules

Select the modules you'll need to manage your clinical governance, safety and quality requirements.


Choose your reporting

Choose the reporting modules required to monitor and report on your organisation in real-time.


Get Started

One of our safety and quality experienced staff will be dedicated to your onboarding. You can be operational same day, or onboard in a timeframe that works for you. OneVault subscriptions are monthly and there are no lock in contracts.

Looking for a governance and accreditation consultant?

We have partnered with a number of world-wide leading consultants who are OneVault trained and can support your clinical governance and accreditation journey. Please get in touch with our friendly support team who will help you find the right consultant to achieve your goals.

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Contact us for a demo today. We'll show you how OneVault saves its customers both time and money, and frees them from the stress and anxiety around reporting and collating accreditation evidence.