Streamline Accreditation Management

Quote from the ACSQHC Strategic Planning, Report of focus groups and interviews with healthcare providers, July 2014, page 8 “I think it is about streamlining and bringing it together and making it easier… " “In addition to embedding the NSQHS Standards, a major priority arising from the interviews was the need to streamline the accreditation process. As noted above, it was evident from the interviews that the majority of staff were overwhelmed by the accreditation process and that many felt that the administrative workload was unsustainable” OneVault is an integrated system. Work done is saved using a process where Accreditation evidence is collected by those doing the work as the work is being done. Forget spreadsheets, folders and random evidence files. A few simple selections when saving documents, an easy to use reports builder, your choice of report filter, one click and your evidence is ready. To discuss how OneVault can help you with accreditation management, contact us on We would love to talk to you.