We have been listening.....

OneVault is in the business of listening to what people in the health industry need. Below is a quote from the ACSQHC July 2014 STRATEGIC PLANNING REPORT of focus groups and interviews with healthcare providers, July 2014, page 6 & page 13.

“In particular, health services wanted to: have uniformity of information across sectors (so people are getting the same messages) share information and knowledge between health services, especially in relation to initiatives where there is evidence that these initiatives have resulted in good patient outcomes, know where to access information, or which organisation to go to if they are struggling and need assistance..have a repository of best practice examples, so that other services can leverage the good work that has already been done” “….we are still sort of chasing behind to make sure we have got policies, procedures, staff, whatever, because things are moving so quickly at the moment that it is hard to keep up and the system just doesn’t seem to have that flexibility or adaptability to keep up with things that are changing” - Executive, public hospital. We have been listening to the needs of organisations and we have done our homework.

If these comments resonate with those of your organiation, then you are one of many wanting to improve how information is managed in health, agedcare and disability services. 


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