QI can be distilled....and replicated

Quote from the Australian Government Productivity Commission, Efficiency in Health, Productivity Commission Research Paper , April 2015 "..the result is that different parts of the health care system hold difference pieces of information and often fail to share them. Fragmented responsibilities can also make it difficult for any single entity to collect information beyond its immediate area of responsibility” page 73 “There is a pressing need for health professionals to take a more active role in facilitating knowledge translation and sharing learnings from research and best practice healthcare” Quote from the American Hospital Association, Trendwatch, Hospitals Demonstrate Commitment to Quality Improvement, October 2012, page 10 “Broadly disseminating successful quality strategies is critical to maximising the benefits of individual improvement programs. A small and successful quality initiative can be distilled into a step by step process that can be replicated at facilities nationwide” OneVault is designed on a shared platform. We believe in sharing success and helping clinicians to help patients. We look forward to talking to you and demonstrating how OneVault can meet the clinical governance needs of your organisation. Contact us: support@onevault.net.au