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An integrated approach to risk, incident and feedback management

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Risk Module
The Risk module does away with unnecessary complexity so you don’t need to be a risk expert to use it. Easy drop down selections supports comprehensive reporting and makes risk management part of the everyday future proofing against reoccurance repeat.
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Safety Module
As the backbone of safety and quality, our Incident and Feedback modules are painless for your staff, supportive for managers and insightful for executive. With everything tracked and trended to address improvement and see success in action.

Powerful tools to monitor and track performance

Leave the spreadsheets and number crunching behind and start tracking reporting and improving performance driven by accurate real time data.
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Categorise and piece together important data during mortality reviews using this handy module. Select categories, primary factors and root cause to trigger actions and gather data as you go.
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Flexible audit or survey design, question logic, images, upload files, test runs and effortless scheduling. Action plans and a stack of reporting options round off this OneVault favourite.
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Clinical Indicator
Set it up, put in the numbers and let this indicator wizard do the rest. It collates, organises, compares and displays making the collecting and analysing of data a breeze.

Engage, support, and inform your staff

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Document module
Deliver policy, procedures and clinical guidelines to match today''s digital world. Use videos and easy writing tools with all the important document control necessities to support best practice.
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News module
Use our News module to create and communicate information to staff each time they log in. Schedule start and end dates, add images and links and send important communications direct to staff email inboxes.
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Registers module
Organise and track important items with our Registers module. With alerts and notifications, Registers is the perfect tool for staying on top of things like equipment lists, maintenance schedules and other items that require ongoing management.

Accreditation manager, planner, and QI

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Accreditation Manager
This module is unique to OneVault. It allows you to see existing evidence against Standards, quickly allocate tasks to bridge any gaps and automatically captures and displays compliance progress as a lovely graph to share with others.
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Quality Module
Based on Clinical Practice Improvement Methodology, our Quality module supports your team every step of the way. Status tracking keeps quality leads up to speed with progress and everyone gets to search, read and watch videos about QI projects from the moment the complete button is clicked.
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Planner Module
A favourite with our clients because of it's incredible versatility. Planner is your go to when you need to get things done. Write up your goals, add actions, due dates, alerts and upload any extras. Use Planner for strategic plans, accreditation recommendations, introduction of new services or any gap analysis. Planner will track it all and have your goals met in no time.
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Learning and credentialing

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Create your own e-learning or link your staff through to learning online. Target staff for training, add a required schedule, hit save and that's it! Learning module will do all the reminders and track compliance for you, and then display compliance in lovely dashboards.
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Create, add, send and track. That's it. No chasing, no emailing, no fuss. Credentialing can be centrally managed by a single person or everyone can participate. Scheduled reminders keep everyone in the know and when it comes to reporting, data is accurate in real time and displayed in easy to understand graphs.
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Discover the power of reporting

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Listing reports
Folders were great in their day but with OneVault, work is filed as you go. Every time you hit save, your work is captured and organised by OneVault. No copy and paste or drag and drop required.
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Many of our modules have dashboard reports. Managers can track mandatory training and credentialing, check out incident trends and monitor feedback at any level, from organisational wide to a single department.
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Global reports
OneVault captures evidence as work is being done. Global reports neatly organises that evidence, so you are always ready to showcase your organisation when accreditation comes knocking.
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Report board

Preparing for committee reports can be a lot of hunting and gathering but with report boards, you can create a beautiful presentation with graphics, text, images and videos ready to go in minutes.

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